Saturday, December 8, 2012

Almost completed trailer update

         Slowly I am coming the end of first phase of my construction, a few small minor touches are still needed. Soon I may be hitting the road for the coming adventure. The first stop will be Santa Cruz along the ocean. 

            I have also decided to see If I can get the Lark Factory in Georgia to build a newer bigger, better stronger unit for the upcoming part 2. The letter to the factory has been sent and I am waiting for a response from them, hopefully they will be on board with the next adventure. 

          Here is a recap of some of the current features to date. Remember this is my very first attempt at building a cargo trailer, almost everything I did I have never ever done before and extensive research & steep learning curve was required to complete this project.

          If your interested in something like this project, materials like these are approx. $30k including the trailer , the labor involved is over 500 hours - not including the research of another 500- 1000 hours to find the stuff. If you would like to get your own custom built trailer let me know, maybe we can work out something. You may want to compare this to a tiny house at the , most of their units which are the same size are going for over $50k but do not include a off grid 840 watt solar system - their units are more designed to be connected to water & sewer utilities on a property, where this unit is designed to be closer to 100% self contained. One single person could be out in this trailer for 20-30 days , the limiting factor being food and water carried on board. This would also be the perfect BOV ...Bug Out Vehicle if one would so desire.

The 100% one of a kind glass tile shower,
installed on Schluter Kerdi foam board

The 100% one of a kind glass tile shower

The 37 gallon front water storage tank,
Reverse Osmoses 2 tank water filter

The upper bathroom cabinet

The bathroom

The 45,000 Btu DCS burner

The 45,000 Btu DCS burner & ARB 63 Q cooler

View of 9" thick queen bed out the rear drop down door,
2 - 360 degree 12 volt fans, with 1-4 hour shut off timers

27" -  only 35 watt LCD 1080 TV

Matching Glass tile counter top,
 1750 watt Magnum inverter
DVR - recorder , HD22 100 hour recorder & 
2nd  TV 

A peak inside the electric panel,
it looks scary but everything works great

400 amp hour Surrette L16 Batteries

The 20+ different colored LED lights
One of 2-  360 deg 12 volt fan

The 20+ different colored LED lights

Rear cabinets & 2nd 37 gallon water tank

Carpet on the rear deck

The Jacuzzi 180,000 Btu Water heater

Front view 
 180,000 Btu Jacuzzi water heater,
Cabinet for propane bottles,
700 Line color camera & DVR

The roof holds the 840 watt solar system
4 x 210 watts panels.


  1. Looks good! The beauty of this is, you know every nook & cranny of each function. I'll be looking forward to reading your adventures in this.

  2. PS, I'm curious. Can you insure this for the full value of what it cost you? just wondering how that works on a homebuilt RV.

  3. Hi TexCyn

    Thats a really, really good question..... I have not asked anybody yet,
    but i'm assuming that might be a future problem,

    Right now its fully insured by Mr & Mrs Glock :-))

  4. I would seriously love to find one of these utility trailers in Toronto. I would take it with me wherever I went. Thanks for posting.

  5. wow!! all the stuff is loved by me..Its really a good one.

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