Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fire at the crack house, midnight Van BBQ

         Now I know none of you guys will believe this, but these crack heads whet inside the crack house to get loaded first before "I called the fire department" , they stayed inside the whole time for 2+ hours until the 3 cops left - so they would not get busted for DWI.  This kind of shit happens all the now I could make a 25 year long movie with 2000 episodes about this crack house alone.
This is the worst house in California, not just in the city of San Jose.

It took the fire department 12 minutes to arrive from the start of the fire, they are about 1 mile away.

After about 3 hours & 3 squad cars watching & waiting , the tow truck finally arrived.

Car arrives 43:17

Car catches fire 10 seconds latter 

Driver jumps out & goes into the crack house.
Stays inside for 3 hours till cops leave.


  1. When are you gonna move to a better neighborhood, Jerry?

  2. Hey Mary

    Its yours when do you wanna move in :-))


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