Friday, June 7, 2013

Trailer roof insulation part 1

       On close observation you can see that I have reinforced the roof with 2" x 3"wood members. This serves a number of functions from adding strength to the roof for the solar panels, it also provides a thermal break from the aluminum frame and finally it allows enough space to add R-19 insulation.

NOW PLEASE REMEMBER .... I will also be doing the walls, the floor and the doors to get 100% coverage. So many people are only doing 1" on 3 sides and they forget the floor and doors, so what is the point of that ? You might as well leave a 3 x 6 ft window wide open.

Here is the Insulation purchased from Lowe's at about $40 and I used about 3 bags.
The on line forms will tell you that it is a PIA to cut.

Below is a sample of an open bay with a better view of the thickness

Here is the job almost done, I used plastic strapping to secure the material ever 6" approx.

Here are the blades I used to cut material, however it was still a PIA

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