Sunday, June 30, 2013

First layer of insulation is almost done

        Stay tuned after some well deserved rest from the blazing 103 deg F California heat, the 2nd layer of insulation is still coming. As I stated the goal is to be able to cool trailer in 100 deg F with only a small 5,000 Btu window unit. That translates to about 600 watts for the small ac unit. This should be child's play for the 2,000+ watt solar system that is also coming.

        Heating should be so efficient that no heat is required down to 10 deg F. Much of the heat will be supplied by body heat & the interior appliances. The trailer can also be heated with the 180,000 Btu water heater and the almost 80 gallons of water that can be heated to 120 deg in about 20 minutes. That heat then would slowly filter into the inside to heat the trailer. Last time I tested this it took almost 3 days for the water to get back to 50 deg. Hydronic heat works great !!

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