Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Jedi Plumbing Master strikes again

        I hate to boast a little, but I was able to find a super light weight 2" thick foam shower pan for $112 on sale. This time around I may go light weight materials vs heavy glass tiles.

Only one problem, the drain was right on-top of a 6" steel cross beam OUCH ! With some very creative plumbing tricks seen below I was able to install the drain and make it work. The standard shower would have a 2" drain, but in my case I can make it work with 1.5".

The above picture is the frame under the shower drain hole , 
here you can see how tricky it really was to install the drain.

Combination of drain parts to make this project work

Combination of drain parts to make this project work

View of the drain from under the trailer

Here it can be seen that the shower pan sits on-top of 1.5" of Dow blue board foam , the shower will also have 3" foam on the walls, so I will be ready for ice station zebra. The bottom of the pan has additional 2" of foam So that is 3.5" total foam under my shower. You won't find that in your standard RV.


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  2. i like images, but im looking on vids on how everything is done technically. can you post some actual procedures, any vids please? just for a change. thanks.

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