Friday, June 21, 2013

Electric Bargain's from Lowes

       Wow this may be at all time first. Normally stores have a 80% close out sale of the junk that they are trying to get rid of. 

          Today I found the exact opposite an 80% off introduction blow off sale. Well not really, asking the people at Lowe's what they were doing, I really couldn't get a straight answer. It seams they may had some stuff left over from their west coast stores where these items did not fly off the shelf, so those items were on clearance ? VERY Bazaar !!!!

This really defies logic to me, but what the hell I can't walk away from a bargain like this.  

Here is the designer mirror plate, normally $49... It still has the plastic cover on only $6.10
The Outlet and 2 USB ports are not included, 
those are another $45....

ARE the people at Lowe's INSANE ??

I picked up 8 different bargains 

All the outlets are modular and can be configured any way you like it

Here is the rear view of the outlets.

Here is the front view with out the cover plate

Here is my whole jumbo box of 60+ electric outlets etc cost $260....

WORTH at regular retail  easy $1000+

Here is the product in the box

Sorry the big introduction sale lasted only 24 hours 

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