Wednesday, August 14, 2013

1,275 Solar watts rising with the new sun

Here it is folks, 1,275 watts of solar now up on the roof waiting to run the AC system. A total of 1,530 Solar watts has now been mounted to the new trailer. I still have 4 x 210 panels to go, bringing the total system to over 2,300 watts, surely when done this will be the most powerful solar cargo trailer on earth. The best part may be that you can stand next to the trailer when the panel covers are on and not tell what's different from a normal cargo trailer. I still need to run around for some nuts and bolts for the grounding wires and lugs. I may also need a few more Mc4 connectors and some other nick nacks. Below I have included some spec sheets for the panels and grounding lugs, just in case someone needs more details, actually on this trailer there is enough room to install 280-300 watt panels or about panels that are 70-72" long if so inclined. The current panels are approx 39" x 65" in size and the weight is only 41 lbs each.

Here are details for the grounding of the panel

 The current panels are approx. 39 x 65" in size and the weight is only 41 lbs each.


  1. That's a lot of power! How much battery capacity do you have on board? I would run a 24V or 48V system to cut down on the wiring size, particularly for the inverter.


  2. In total I'll have about 800 amp hours in 3 sets of Batteries, my system will consists of 3 mini systems to keep it simpler. Yes had I known where I would be today a 24 Volt system would have been better, not because of the wire, but I could have run everything on a single charge controller and also a 24 volt Inverter that does 220 volts a/c. Maybe in the next trailer.

    The good part about 3 systems, I'll always have something working ? Just to be on the safe side
    even when lightning strikes , its unlikely all systems will go dead.



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