Friday, August 23, 2013

Testing solar panel venting system

           Well folks here is another crazy OverTheTop idea of sucking the hot air out from under the panels and see if and how much it drops the panel - roof temperature ? Currently the panels - roof heat at least 50 deg above the exterior temp. So if it's 80 deg F - your solar panels are at least 130 deg F or hotter. Now all panels are rated to give their best performance with the panel temp at 25 deg C = about 70 deg F. This is why your 200 watt panel only produces 140 watts when it's 75-80 F outside- yet your paying for 200 watts. If it was close to 32 deg F - then and only then with full sun you may actually get 200 watts. Finally when your panel is 20 years old it will only produce 80%  of what it did when it was new.


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