Friday, July 12, 2013

777 San Francisco Crash landing Asiana Flight 214 video

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Now this might be a little bit of speculation on my part, but I have said that had the pilot not lost his nerve in the last 7 seconds, "i'm sure i would have done the same" then he would have made a perfect landing right in the end-zone of the runway on the ZERO yard line, if you watch the video you can see how the plane pitches upward, the tail drops 10-15 feet and CRASH landing here we go.

This detailed animation depicting Saturday’s crash at San Francisco International Airport was created by a former pilot who runs a computer animation company that specializes in re-creating air crashes.
Jack Suchocki, who flew 727s and other aircraft, made this animation to demonstrate his company’s work, and because he believes “this was a very unique crash that will be influential in evaluating pilot training and qualifications.”
Suchocki started Eyewitness Animations in Pompano Beach, Fla., after his career as a captain with Eastern Airlines. His company uses computer-aided design modeling from San Rafael-based Autodesk to re-create air crashes for investigations and litigation.
The video depicts the crash of Asiana Flight 214, which killed two and injured approximately 180. The audio is communications from the plane and emergency radio broadcasts.
The animation begins when the plane is below 500 feet in elevation, and transpires in real time. Speed was a major issue in the crash, and the ghost plane in the video showing how the plane should have landed would have immediately left the frame of the video if depicted realistically. For that reason, Suchocki had the two planes travel together.
This is a new version of the video from one posted earlier today. This version shows the plane skidding to a halt, before it erupted in fire.

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