Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The white floor is done

         Finally I have 3 layers, a total of 2.5" of foam insulation and then a 1/8" layer of plastic flooring , not sure but it's something like FRP ? This time around I want to go for light weight & moisture proof.

        Slowly the plan is coming together, today 2 of us worked about 4 hours to get the final flooring laid down. It would have been easier with thicker insulation, however you gotta use what the store has for sale. On the 1/2 of the material I got 50% off - because it was being discontinued by Lowes, the other 1/2 I had to pay full price and I picked it up from North Dakota. The cost of the insulation was around $1,000 not cheap if I have to say so !

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