Friday, July 5, 2013

Whats all being included in my trailer build ?

To start you guys off I'll throw in a few of my crazy ideas of how I came to my name anyway, If you see something I missed PLEASE let me know :? :? 

OverTheTopCargoTrailer :

Now my build version 2.0 is still in progress but will include

Interior wood framed trailer walls 
180,000 Btu endless water heater
40,000 Btu grill 
2 x 20 gallon propane 
2 x 38 gallon water tanks 
2,000+ watts solar panels 
3 x 300 Morningstar pure sine inverter 
1 x 1500 MSW inverter 
Outback 80  AMP charge controller 
700+ amp hour batteries
Insulated walls, floor, ceiling & doors R 15-19
5,000 watt window AC - runs on solar
Digital entry door lock 
10+ exterior extra LED Lights
10+ exterior extra running lights 
6+ exterior LED brake, blinker & back up lights
Back up alarm 107 db 
Boat horn 110 db 
Sound controller for exterior LED lights 
Exterior IR Light for 300 ft 
3x Exterior 700 line IR Sony cameras
4 x 12 LED exterior flood lights 
Exterior backup sensors - alarms to alert for visitors 
Inertior quality kitchen cabinets
DVR - CCTV recorder , color quad splitter, 
2 x 7" color TFT Color monitors 
27" 1080 tv & DVR 
ARB 63 quart cooler 12 dc - 120 volts AC 
Interior color changing LED lights 
Exterior trailer 7 way plug to operate lights W/O - TW 
Top secrete security system & emergency responder 
Exterior diamond plate tool box
Never- Adjust -Dexter Breaks & torsion axels 

To be honest looking at this list I need some desperate treatment, maybe the project has gotten out of hand  :lol: :lol: :lol: 
This thing better last me 20 years & 200,000 miles 


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