Sunday, July 14, 2013

More AC TESTING , another adjustment

The first time around I made a little jig for the AC to sit in the side door for testing, then I realized I could not close the door "DUFUSS" guess I'm getting old.

The bottom 3 pictures below I built a box with some more scrap plywood , with 2" clearance on the top and sides to allow air to be sucked in by the fan and then vented outdoors. Now the door can be closed "genius" the ac works ok with the door open only about 2" 

Again this is all a temp set up while testing the ac and deciding where the final location may be.
The whole ac could even put on hinges and swing out of the way.

AC sticks out door can't be closed

Inside view looks nicer

New view with the a/c being set back behind the door

Now door can be closed, actually a/c works ok
if the door is just cracked open 2" 

Inside view
The case was made a little too big at 12" deep
it would look better at 9" deep

Again - this is just for testing for now

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