Thursday, July 4, 2013

The 2nd AC test was successful

Today my 2nd AC test was a grand slam also, it was 98 outside & inside never over 78 deg :D :D :D :D , my cargo door is now insulated as are all the wall studs but not the last 20% of the ceiling. 

Without me in the trailer & only the fan running temp was around 70 deg !!
So you can see that warm body & a few appliances can quickly kill the AC by 8 degrees. 

The inside is still mostly empty & I had myself, a big fan , tv and DVR running - that's about 150 watts worth of heat load all being cooled by 500 watt ac unit. With the trailer loaded & the other 50% insulation installed I should be able to keep interior at hopefully 70 deg. 

PS today a BUNCH OF MY GOODIES ARRIVED , soon you will see them being installed

:beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:

Here is a picture of day # 3 

Yesterday it was not quite as hot, it only reached 94 deg F outside.
Right now its 88.5 degrees outside 
The current inside temp is 68 deg F - quite impressive for
only using a 5,000 Btu window a/c on a empty 7 x 18 trailer.

As a comparison a unit this size would use at least a 13,000 BTU AC

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