Sunday, May 29, 2011

A few more trailer pictures

      Blogger seams to be not wanting to work with Safari today, so I am trying Firefox for the first time. Here are pictures of the 12 volt fan I installed. To be honest it was a pain in the ass to install, for $99 they gave you a 12" cord & did not even include the 6 mounting screws, cheap as hell is all that I can say. Getting the sheets on was a 3 man job, maybe when it comes time to change them I will have to stop at a motel and get professional help. The typing between the pictures seams to be a problem. The bottom picture is of my little weatherman. Most of the items installed are temp, as I am just getting a feel for the final layout that I would like. The final install will be more professional. For now I'm just enjoying my first night at trailer living, believe it or not !!

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