Monday, May 30, 2011

First night of trailer living

        Well I survived the first night of trailer life, May 29th 2011. To be honest it was from 5 pm to about 6:20 am. It was not all that dangerous with driveway camping etc, I was still close to home with a bathroom & other stuff I needed. I just had to make a kitchen run at 9 pm to the main house as the trailer kitchen is not done yet. The trailer itself makes a lot of noises, metal creaking etc. It also seams like it picks up all the exterior street noises, since I had the TV on and was playing DVDs it was not all that bad. This must be why it wood be a good idea to park in quiet locations, if you like to sleep the whole night. It did get very cold however, when i woke it was down to 55 deg, that was about 5 deg above the exterior 50 deg temp, there is a gap in the rear cargo door for the electric cord, I am thinking once all the appliances are installed they will heat the interior about 10 deg above the exterior temp. The rest of the heat required will need to be supplied by other means like the floor heater or the stove etc. I was able to charge the 400 amp hour batteries a little yesterday , the reading went from 12.4 volts up to 12.68 volts after using a mickey mouse 15 amp charger all afternoon. I have been very surprised as the Surrette Solar batteries have been sitting around for 4 weeks unused and did not loose any of their charge, as I had tested them at 6.2 volts each when they arrived. I still have to install the solar panels, so there will either be 8 or 16 holes in the roof, that is sort why I am holding off.

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