Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lots of rain, rain, rain and finally a little progress

        That was how the week went, rain, rain, rain and more rain, something that just does not happen in June. You just can't do the cabinets in the rain. Today finally I removed the bed & cabinets and installed all the cabinets into their final place. Even the DSC 17,000 burner got a little test run. Its works great .. YAHOO !! I also ran a 3/4  PEX water line from the place where the rear 35 gallon water tank will go through the cabinets to the front shower & possible second 35 gallon water tank. Oh no ...,  I forgot to take some pictures of the 400 amp hour batteries hidden inside the 24" cabinet, I even drilled 6 air holes in the floor to allow the batteries to suck in fresh air and will make an air tight interior - exterior vented box latter. Don't want you guys to worry I will blow myself up while charging the batteries.

Cabinet & counter tops, the right side has a 9" raised back stop
for the DCS burner & to stop the ARB cooler from sliding,
even though there are 4 bolts to hold it down and in place.

The grill will be enclosed with 16 gauge Diamond plate latter,
to make a nice fire proof surface & give it some extra glitz.
I installed it sideways into the cabinet, as I did not want to cut
into the front of the cabinet doors.

Burner works great, now I just need some steaks to get started.

Now that the cabinets are finally in, the wiring will come soon.
I have decided to make most electric runs in Wiremold.
that way everything can be worked on latter, 1-2-3.
I also found a 5 into 1 GFCI wall outlet extender today for $20.

Here is the PEX 3/4 water line, I used the red hot water line as it can
take more heat and pressure then the blue cold water line.

Here are the batteries inside a 24" cabinet, that will hold a box
inside of a box, hidden inside the cabinet, that will open from the counter top.

Battery box opens from the top of counter, it will be more hidden latter.

Found some outlets that have a USB charges built in.

5 into 1 GFCI wall outlet extender, as I will install this into a 20 amp single outlet
on # 12 copper wire, covered by a 15 amp fuse, also the 5 items like
TV, cell phone, DVD player and Hard Drive will not suck
more then 200 - 300 watts max - I am not worried about starting a fire.
It will be set up as triple kill - over protection.
I have seen too many nice RV fires on U- Tube.

Laugh while you can, this mickey mouse antenna gets
68 Channels from my driveway in Silicon Valley,
well most are Chinese & Mexican, but never the less
I was blown away by this small $59 antenna.

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