Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Porta Potty

      Wow, when I checked the stats today I noticed I had a bunch of views from , I had just joined that form a few days ago and was thinking when I find the time, I will also post some of my stuff there, those tear drop builders really know their stuff, I wish I had found them 6 months ago. Feel free to leave your comments on this blog. I still have lots of questions about stuff that is yet to be installed.

       Here is the view of the Porta Potty as you enter the trailer. When its all done it will look like a place to sit and relax. I had some left over flooring so I will use that for the front section. After much research and experimentation I decided on the "build my own porta potty method" because as I was looking around I noticed places, more and more wanted to charge $10 - $20 to dump your waste. As I mostly wanted to do boondocking or coyote camping, with a little cargo trailer I could go broke on dump fees. The loveable Loo gave me some great ideas. so I want to give you a link to their  web site below in red. 

       Rather then have a bucket of sawdust , peat moss or something sitting next to the potty as they do, I decided to build a box inside a box, after all if you slam on the trailer breaks you don't want that stuff flying around the trailer - what a mess that would be. I also made the box approx. 20" high that was a perfect height for me, as you get older,  it gets harder and harder to get up from the pot. So I built the first handicapped porta potty. Generally at home those raised toilets are approx. 17" high. The whole box is approx. 27" wide  x 20" high  x 27" deep. I will install - bolt a bucket onto the floor & the potty bucket will actually sit secure inside that bucket. Then around the outside of the first bucket and inside that box will be the peat moss. I have personally tried this method in my bedroom "as I was a total non believer" about the smell and it does work. Just as an extra safety back up, because this is over the top cargo trailer, I will also install a 12 volt fan. Pictures of the whole set up will come latter. This method would also be a great emergency backup for your house if an earthquake or something happens. This is my only low tech - green solution, as I did not want to go broke on dump fees. If one wanted a regular toilet and flush tank could be installed there, but water weighs a lot, keep that in mind.

Chick here & go to the future with fan installed.

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