Friday, June 24, 2011

Wood flooring has arrived and is being installed

        The flooring was picked up last night, 5 minutes prior to store closing, in the middle of rush hour. Its about 1/2 installed, the tricky parts of the installation are yet to come. 45 sq. ft might not sound like a lot, but there are some tricky cuts and it is not easy to install the last row under the cabinet. The flooring is not packed very well and the end joints were mostly damaged and do not fit together very well, at least not to my satisfaction. 

Flooring has nice contrast with cabinets.

Flooring partial completion.

A little dental molding trim for the cabinets.

The housing for the fan under the location where the a/c sits.

The fan box has extra holes for additional air flow.

There is a middle metal damper plate to help seal off the compartment.

And a little door to close off the whole compartment, 
keeps things nice and tight.

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