Monday, June 13, 2011

More glitz for the DCS grill

      I installed some diamond plate around the grill, metal work is just not my greatest skill. The picture did not come out really great, it really looks great close up and in real life, maybe I will try another picture latter. I also decided to get a mickey mouse inverter, the cheaper modified sine wave, it was only $85 so I can play around and see how my stuff works before I spend my life savings on a $1,000+ pure sine model if needed. I also decided to get a separate & smaller battery charges, then a unit included with the Inverter. Normally a 60 amp charger is recommended for a quick recharge, but they also cost more and weigh a lot. The Xantrex was only $244 after some testing I will report back how well it works and if a larger unit is needed.


After - picture is not good

Very basic Modified Sine Inverter- This Inverter after some testing is basically
Garbage !!! The a/c unit which is rated at 820 watts would not run with the inverter,
it tried to once, but the RED overload light was going like crazy !! 
Its says it will start up 2500 watts max 
The fan is also VERY LOUD !! - it would require the unit to be installed
inside a cabinet to keep the noise down. It takes 2-3 try's to start the TV
My guess is this thing will max out at 600 - 700 watts.
Glad I only spent $85 on sale

Basic Xantra 20 amp charger

Extras also available for the charger.

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