Thursday, June 16, 2011

Plastic 35 gallon water tank & 3TB hard drive

       Received the special order 35 gallon water tank today, with shipping and tax the whole unit was $280. NOT very happy with the quality of the tank, there is a 2" patch in the middle of the large side, that is only 1/4 as thick as the tank. All 4 of the larger sides are smashed in from 1/2 to 1" almost, don't see how the tank would hold 35 gallons with those dimensions....  I will have to talk to company rep to ship this tank back.... very, unhappy customer at this point. Follow up..( the tank holds about 32 gallons ) The company did ship me the clear inspection cover June 22nd. They promised up and down the tank will not leak, the bulges will come out when the tank is filled. Who knows ?  To move the project forward I ordered a 2nd tank from them that will hold 36 gallons and go in the front of the trailer, that would give me a total of approx. 71 gallons. They happen to have the exact dimensions that I need for this there we go. If I add some 5 gallon paint buckets in the truck bed, maybe I can get 100 gallons for extended camping. 3 gal per day - maybe 30 days ?

Fits ok , except for the sides being smashed in 3/4"

Than tank cover was supposed to be clear - not white.

large - thin 2" patch to the side ??

New 3 TB hard drive to hold movies etc....

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