Sunday, May 22, 2011

Took the new LG a/c for test run

      Would it not be so, just when I installed the new LG 7,000 btu a/c unit, its ice cold outside.

Here is picture of the new faucet, still needs final install.

The new LG  model LP0711WNR - rated at 7,000 Btu for up to 200 sq. ft room. 
That would be about 1,600 cubic feet of air. The trailer is only 112 sq. ft x 6.5 tall.
About 750 cubic feet of air space - less 50% for all the cabinets & stuff,
so the unit is only cooling about 350 cubic feet of air space.
Its working about 20% of its rated capacity at 40 sq. ft. 
So now we need a hot 100 deg exterior day.
This is the newer R410A Freon by the way.
Cost of the unit was $250

The unit is connected to a small floor air vent
approx. 3 x 6". I did notice it makes a hell of a lot of negative
air pressure inside the trailer when running.
I may change the duct to a regular insulated house duct
rated at R-6 fiberglass - as this will be more flexible
and easier to work with. Lots of people complained about the 
duct in the product review.

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  1. i like to know more about your fan. volts? and the air conditioner. pls contact me


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