Thursday, May 26, 2011

The queen size bed has landed

      It was a little tough getting it turned inside, takes 2 people and a lot of pushing, but finally its done. Its a queen size and a full 12" thick. Now I just gotta find room for the tv.

View from the inside.
This morning I also installed the fan,
 it will sit in its own box right under the a/c unit.

View from the outside with the rear door open.
Next week by friday, I will order the rest of the cabinets next week
approx. another 5 ft on each side will be installed.

Here is the $78 fan - 1320 CFM installed under the floor.
I can't really imagine how it would be worse then the $300 fantastic roof fan ?
See the small vent to the right side.
That is the exterior exhaust for the a/c unit.

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