Friday, January 6, 2012

Electric panel is now over 90% done

         I am testing my new air dictate program. This is so super super cool. A few days ago I purchased a upgraded iPhone 4s ( from my old 3Gs )  and found this program that allows me to speak into my iPhone and it shows up typed on my Mac. Since I really hate typing, this program is absolutely fantastic. As I am speaking into my iPhone 4s this program is typing everything into the blogger Window, totally fantastic. The best part is this program only cost $.99 and all you need is a iPhone 5.0 and a Mac 10.6.8. This program is even much better than other programs that cost $100 or more. I can see there're very few mistakes most of them are because I did not speak clearly. 

       I am almost finished wiring my electric panel and therefore have given you some more pictures. On the top of the panel you will notice the special plugs that I purchased from Anderson. This will allow me to easily connect and disconnect the entire electric panel and to remove the entire electrical system from the trailer if needed. The Anderson connectors are little difficult to get used too & to get them connected properly. 

I decided to add an additional ground busbar. Many people seem to believe that mixing a ground bus bar for an AC system along with a DC system will encourage some kind of problems. I am installing my system in such a way that if I go camping or park for long-term at my house or campground, thenI can hook up the entire system to a ground rod or to my electrical bonding system at my house or the RV park etc. 

Here you can see the Anderson power pole connectors. The connectors on the far left side of the MC4 connectors for the incoming solar panel. The Yellow Center Anderson connectors are for the outgoing trailer DC sub panel connection. The wire on the right with the yellow connectors are two numbers six green ground wires, I'm running double ground wires. I am still missing one set of incoming AC wires set it I can disconnect the other inverter system. 

This bottom picture shows the panel approximately 90% completed, mostly if you look at the color of the wires you can tell what they're for. The red wires are the AC or the DC hot wires. The green wire on the ground conductors. The black wires are the negative wires. The white wires are the neutral wires for the AC system that run to the electric outlets. The very bottom bunched up green wire is for the battery temperature sensor. 

The breakers are as follows - left to right.
1.) Incoming AC 15 amp breaker.
2.) Incoming 15 amp DC - PV panels breaker.
3.) Outgoing 60 amp DC breaker - Outback charge controller.
4. Out going 30 amp DC breaker for DC sub panel.

One item that I would still like to complete if I have the available time, is to draw you a complete wiring diagram. I have generally found there is a lack of wiring diagrams for small solar systems going into RVs available on the Internet. Even though my system is very large at 840 Watts,  exactly the same wiring method would apply to a smaller 200 Watt or 400 Watt system. What makes my system sort of a one-of-a-kind is that everything AC and everything DC is all wired inside one panel. 


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