Saturday, January 14, 2012

Testing new e mail blogging system

       Well I am wondering what will happen? it seams that I have discovered how to  post to the blog with the use of my cell phone. The last time I tried this I did not have very good luck and just gave up. This system works with e mails. I tried setting up the same thing with SMS texts but that somehow  did not work for me ? It did not allow me access.

     Truth be told I did a little editing with my desktop machine after testing the system. Posting by e mail says it will also allow me to send pictures up to 250 kb in size, so maybe I could test that function tomorrow?

     I  have to say looking at the pictures of the rear cargo door carpet, it does not look even 10% as great as when you see the carpet in person. When viewed in person the expression is WOW!! I am slowly getting the hang of how this blogging works.

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