Monday, January 9, 2012

Getting ready for E panel install

    Since this is Over-the-top I have to take extra precaution to make sure that the expensive electric cabinet will stay on the wall forever and forever. I have decided to take a half inch panel that fits inside the rear frame of the cabinets and glue and screw that to the trailer wall. This will also allow me to take the items inside the cabinet & additionally securing them by screwing them into this 1/2" panel if needed. 

      Before I can install this panel I had to take a grinder and grind off the screws that were sticking out through the back of the electric cabinet. This operation involved a little bit of work since my grinding disc was very old and I could not find the new disc that I had purchased but not installed on my grinder. All of the little black marks that you see on the back of the cabinet about 20+, are where I had to grind off the metal screws. 

This work has also given me a chance to try out my new saw
 that I purchased for myself over Christmas. 

Here is the new Rockwell versacut saw for $129
It feels a little like a toy, but cuts really well.
My other saw has 15 amps - but I am also getting old.
I just have to stop being retarded and turn off the laser light when done.
This should make a great little saw to take on the road.

Here is the extra plywood I glued and screwed to the trailer walls,
I will also screw some metal brackets into the top rail
and another board under the cabinet.
At 50 lbs and $1,500 - I never want this sucker to come loose.

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