Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Xantrex 20 amp battery charger update

      Well my friends, today is day 2 or maybe even day 3 after I charged the batteries really good for the first time since I got them in the summer time. The first morning after resting all night the meter rear 12.83 volts. This morning with the temperature being ice cold at 40 deg for California weather the reading was 12.76. So I can report back to you that the charger is working great at doing what it is supposed to do. 

My new friend bob advised my to wait to equalize then when my solar is finally connected.

         My current work on the trailer progress is sorta very slow, because as luck would have it - I still have a job, knock on wood. I also seam to be running into a few little health problems so today I will run off to see a doctor or two and see if I can get some sugar pills to help with my problem. I have noticed that a lot of people who write blogs & go on the road with RV's, cars or trailers etc are like me, a little on the worn out side from the grind of daily life and that being on the road seams to be good therapy for them. I hope the same effect will work for me, but at this time I have to get my energy from building or finishing the trailer.

          Yesterday I meet a new friend and it seams we have the almost exact same life story. Funny how it can turn out that you find someone who could almost be a long lost brother and has the same interest, what are the odds of something like that happening to you halfway around the world? I had a really great conversation and hope that we will meet up someday, somewhere, sooner rather then latter. Sorry but you will not find out my life story here, as this is just the trailer blog and for my travels if I ever get done and out of the driveway, besides I don't wanna get too mushy on the internet as I'm not one of those that Andy Warhol says is looking for 15 minutes of fame. I am writing this blog only to give people some great ideas who wanna try something new & get out on the road. Its not like there are lots of books on how to do something like this one can pick up at Lowes ?

       I had one more final thought, my trailer might actually be a good conversation piece for those  million $$$ RV Prevost Bus guys. With the right $10k+ custom paint job, my trailer could be a little guest room, play room or mother in law tow along where during non travel times, guests, kids or others have their own private space. A Prevost trailer tow along. The only problem is that compared to Prevost bus - the trailer is a little on the cheap side. Go and check it out.

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