Sunday, January 8, 2012

Electric panel is now completed 95%.

     As always the final 5% will be the hardest part of the job. As you can see I've added the final link of the wiring for the AC incoming and the AC outgoing wiring. The AC outgoing wiring connects to two lights that will be on a remote-control dimmer switch. 

The wiring is as follows from left to right. 
The first set of wires are for the incoming PV panel wiring. 
The second wire with the large yellow connector is for the outgoing 30 amp DC cabin wiring. 
The third and the fourth wire are for the outgoing lights AC wiring. 
The large yellow connector with the green wiring will be going to the grounding busbar. 
The final smaller red & black connector are for the incoming AC wiring. 

These two sets of red and black plugs allow me to switch between
 the inverter and the incoming AC power. 
You can also see to 5 amp fuse required for the 300 watt inverter.

This picture shows the inside wiring of the outback 80 charge controller. 
The green wire is the battery temperature probe. 
The first two sets of silver lugs are the incoming positive and negative solar panel wiring. 
The second set of two silver lugs are the outgoing battery wiring. 
The final far right lug is the green ground wire which goes to the bus bar. 
The round gray object on the left is a DC lightning arrester - for the PV panels. 

Here are the four circuit breakers installed.
 The first breaker is a 15 amp AC breaker for the incoming AC shore power.
 The second breaker is a 15 amp DC breaker for the incoming PV panels.
 The third breaker is a 60 amp DC out from charge controller to battery.
The final breaker is a 30 amp DC outgoing to the sub panel.

This is the completed cabinet that will be installed inside the trailer. 
This cabinet contains all of the AC and the DC wiring for the system. 
All the wiring is connected with the Anderson connectors.

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