Monday, January 23, 2012

Final OverTheTop bed spread selection

Well boys and girls I can tell you it was lots and lots and lots and lots of work, making this bedspread selection. I have been looking for quite a long while now and I've not been  able to find anything that looked really great enough for OverTheTop. This selection however seems to fit the mark. I especially like the little circle or bull's-eye design on the pillows. The whole set is really great with the wallpaper, the flooring and also matches up great with the glass wall tiles. It also keeps the colors nice and light on the inside. The problem with looking at bedspreads is that the picture in the magazine or on the website, look way different than the actual bedspread in real life.  

I really like the design on these pillows. 

I hope that this meets with your approval. 
And many thanks for the Macy's young 
lady helping with the selection.

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