Monday, December 26, 2011

E Panel is getting a little closer to completion

       Well I have to tell you, when I saw some e panels advertised by solar companies and saw that they go for around $2,000 ... I thought there goes another dumb SUCKER.....but having almost finished wiring my own panel, since they don't sell small pre wired e panels for crazy people with 840 watt solar panels on cargo trailers, I would say if you include shopping for the parts then it can easily become a 20+ hour project. Not even counting the research time. Most electricians try to grab you for $80 to $120 per hour, so I can see how that project would go fast toward $2000 for a little larger solar e panel.

       The nice part will be that my whole system will be plug and play, if I ever need to sell the trailer, all my hard work can be taken out in 5-10 minutes with some quick snap plugs, like Anderson connectors.

Everything you see here is installed inside a upper 24" wide x 30" high - kitchen cabinet.
Now don't laugh your BUTT OFF,
all those little parts above are close to $1,400
My labor not included


  1. Hi Jerry,

    I found your blog through Glenn's "To Simplify" blog.

    Been looking at RV's and cargo trailers for conversion for months. Lot's of research and decisions to make since I got to get it right the first time. I am also interested in going solar and possibly wind like John from Voyager54 for boondocking.

    Will start reading your blog today but will most likely have a lot of questions.


  2. Hi Tom

    Welcome abord , I'm sure you will find some interesting stuff going into my trailer. Will try and answer your questions best I can. I still have lots of stuff to complete prior to my hitting the road.


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