Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Here is a Nice Song

The trailer or someone special must be singing this to me, to keep me working.


  1. Nice song Jerry. BTW, Ich bin auch Deutsch und aus Trier. Wohne schon seit '81 suedlich von Miami. Schreibe aber viel liber English.

    I found a couple sites that might interest you. Tons of great information. and Stealth Van Dweller goes back a few years with some very interesting articles. Maybe you've already seen them.

    I really like what you did with your trailer so far and can't wait so see it completed.

    Have a few questions for you.

    How do you like the LG 7000btu portable A/C? Rated at 7.6A you'll be using somewhere around 50Ah at 120v with the compressor cooling 50% of the time. Do you intend on using it with your batteries or with shore power?

    I am also very interested in you on demand hot water heater. I will also consider this as an option. Does it require a minimum amount of flow? In other words, if your supply is limited by the available amount of water on hand and the pressure and flow of your pump. Have you tested your system yet?

    I like your shower but wonder if the tile and grout will stay attached while traveling? I would think that in a small trailer as opposed to a big heavy coach with air ride suspension there is too much flex and vibration to prevent cracks in the grout and tiles from coming loose. Have you considered and addressed this?

    Well I guess that's all for now.

    Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr.


  2. Hallo tom

    Es ware besser du schreibts mir an dann gebe ich die meine handy nummer durch.

    The a/c is crappie, it needs a double intake and exhaust vent, a single vent unit does not work properly, also I have not connected the water heater yet, this model does not need electric supply like so many other models do, i think it comes on at .5 gallon per minute and my faucet is a low flow with max 1.9 gallon use, my pump will do 2.5 gallons per minute.

    The shower tiles are installed on Schluter foam board that costs $80 for a 3 x 5ft section, wenn die runter fallen fleige ich heim und hau den Herr Schluter in Deutschland eine in die Fresse.

    having problems trying replys into to this window?

    Gruss Jerry


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