Thursday, December 8, 2011

Security System Update

        Security System Update , as you guys might remember I tried out a security system for the trailer and also a different system for the house. So here is my update so far, the basic $299 Swan recorder and cheap cameras suck !! If you are only recording in day light & want to see outside then they will be fine.
The system below is what I have for my house and is also connected live to the internet on 8 channels.

       If you wanna have a good system then you need to shell out some bucks for a good quality DVR here would be my 2nd choice, it will record for 8 cameras, its a little large of a box for a trailer - that is why it would be 2nd on my wish list. But its good quality and in the mid price range. One thing these systems however do not do very well is to send e mail alerts, motion alarms and or snapshot pictures. At night time you can forget the whole thing as the infra red lights on the camera attract bugs / dust & you will get 10,000 e mails per minute. I also installed 3 - 2TB HD from Frys at $85 each for a total of 6TB in recording space. That lasts about 6 months on all 8 channels covering 24/7 recording. They do however run very quiet and use little energy, as the 2 & 3rd drives are in hibernation unless you search for events.

To go with the system I used 3 x 2TB SeaGate drives.
They were just plug and play install - then you select format and kaboom your done 
and installed in less then 5 minutes.

Here is the guts of the system, they really could put everything into 1/2 of the space,
but then you might not feel your getting your moneys worth for $999.
I would also say ditch the DVD recorder for $100 less
however that is not an option.

These are the cameras I like. This one is adjustable for zoom ,  
goes in any direction and is very sturdy to attach.
About $200 including cables per camera.

This camera is easy to install, but has a more limited range of adjustment.
About $200 including cables per camera.
Both work ok in the dark.

If money is no object, then I would go with this system & 
some IP cameras, it is very small and with 
IP cameras you can see a really clear picture of
the guy who is stealing your stuff

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