Sunday, December 18, 2011

More solar wiring parts have arrived

While looking around for my needed electrical parts , I also found some other interesting parts that are not always available on the net when shopping around, so here is just a small selection of what I found.

The MC 4 wire tool , about $7 - you need 2 of them.

There is also another cable lock clip that is not shown here , 
but is required per new NEC code

Here is  special inline fuse holder that I thought was very cool,
this is very hard to find from solar companies.

Here is the special crimping tool for the MC4 connectors...
OUCH these things run around $600+ for a set.

Here are some special plugs to keep the water out of your boxes.

Here is one kind of fuse holder, there are about 3-4 different kinds.

Close up of fuse holder.

The combiner box, if you have 4-12 panels, this would be you kinda of box.

Here is another wiring diagram. The NEC now also requires that you use 
a 63 amp GFCI outlet in your wiring system.
That breaker costs $60+ 

The above most picture is a Morningstar 300 Pure sine inverter.
It is one of the smallest pure sine inverters.
it also runs very quiet with out a fan.
The bottom is a Magnum Modified sine inverter.
I am working on something like the above picture for my first setup.

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