Monday, December 5, 2011

Its official 840 watts - worlds most powerful SOLAR cargo trailer

            Finally the 4 Kyocera 210 watt panels have been installed with ZERO holes in the trailer roof. Im using the 3M 5952 VHB tape, it seams to be working pretty good.  I can always add more brackets and tape if needed. The one item that I did notice is that the roof skin is not attached to the metal ribs, which allows the panels to move up and down somewhat ? Well you have been warned - don't drive behind me just incase they fly off including the whole roof. I may install some bolts to hold the skin to the ribs if this presents a problem. To help support the weight of the solar panels a little extra , I used some plastic tubes for attentional support, keeping the panels approx. 1.25" above the roof.

For those of you with a keen eye, you will notice the panels are about 1"+ to far to the left side of the trailer roof, so much for the old saying, measure 2x and glue just once ;-). I just eyeballed the measurement.

Here are some plastic tubes to give extra support to the panels.

Here is the 3" metal bracket, you can see that I scraped off the roof coating 
under the bracket so that I would have metal to metal contact.

As the roof vent in not in the center of the trailer you can see that the front panel
comes close to the front trailer edge, I will make a small spoiler
to keep the air flow from under the panels to a minimum.

Stay tuned, I have ordered the wires to connect everything together. 

OutBack FLEXmax FM80-150V MPPT Charge Controller

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