Thursday, December 1, 2011

One $$ per watt solar - JACKPOT !!

German panels, "Made in Germany" the add says a little scratch & dent stuff, ONE DOLLAR PER WATT !!!!

Don't know how I can go broke at that price ? I may use some on the trailer or also at home as I have a almost flat garage roof, lets see what comes. Total with trucking freight $385 is $275 per panel delivered, or $1.17 per watt. Now I just need to keep my eyes wide open for the other goodies. I have done business with this company in the past and their products are good, just the tech help is a little lacking as my needs are different then the normal homeowner.

I have seen homeowners, that when their system is all done, they are spending about $2k per panel..... JUST INSANE !!

The special tape also arrived from my last blog post, now I just need to pray for some free time and warmer weather, so i can get busy again.....

Maybe I need to change name to 

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