Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wiring your inverter with the proper cable size.

         I don't really understand, most people have small and cheap golf cart batteries of 100 - 200 amp hours & really small solar panels under 200 watts, you can only use 50% of your battery power, yet somehow they manage to have 2,000 or 3,000 watt inverters so they can run their 1,500 micro. When I am camping what is the hurry for the micro ?

A small 300 watt inverter would use 7,200 watts per day running 24 hours, that is about a 1,200 amp hour battery system. I guess they feel good if they have a 2,000 watt inverter ?

I have decided to start with a larger panel @ 840 watts and a smaller inverter 300 watt pure sine. I will let you know how that all works out. The solar panels seam cheaper then a good quality inverter, which normally only caries a guarantee of 2-5 years max. I also have a cheap 1,000 watt modified sign wave unit that could be used for a heater or something if needed ?

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