Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More new electric parts on order

      Seams like I just cant help myself, I saw a nice video on Anderson power pole connectors that make for very easy connection and disconnection of all things electric. They even work under load if needed - but that would reduce their service life to maybe 250 connections vs 10,000. Here is the link to this product, it will allow me to easily plug in and disconnect my stuff as needed. Especially for my e panel. Also I just really like to try out new and cool stuff. They have lots of different electrical items that are used in RV's boats and trailer etc. You could always look around for other stuff.

Anderson Power Pole

For those of you who like the link the long way, here it is again below you can copy to your browser.


The ordered parts should arrive by this friday.
I think I will really love these connectors.

This 2nd one has the different connectors.

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