Thursday, December 22, 2011

Solar E Panel coming soon

      Solar E panel coming soon , seams like I am always in waiting mode for more parts, set to arrive tomorrow. The final major part will be a Morning Star 300 watt pure sine inverter. When everything is all said and done, this panel will just require 5 simple connections and the whole trailer electrical system will be up and running. As you can see I will have about 5-6 breakers for the a/c and the d/c system. These are inside special Midnight Solar baby boxes, which hold 4 breakers per box.

1.) connect the battery
2.) connect the ground wire
3.) connect the solar panel
4.) connect the DC fuse panel
5.) connect the interior wall a/c lights

Then all will be ready to rock and roll with the a/c and the d/c flowing right and left.

Since we wanna be safe and this is of course


A few extra goodies are always required.

Here is the D/C panel lightening arrestor. 

A GFCI outlet that protects all others.

A special USB.. d/c outlet to charge my goodies.

And last but not least for the mood lighting a remote control 
on/off dimmer lighting switch, 
not cheap by the way :-(

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